Have you ever dreamt about being a model? You certainly could if you simply know of the same techniques that professional models in the like of Tyra Banks use. But did you also know that the harmonious working relationship of models and photographers brings about striking photos that would make you look like a professional model in your own right?  


As a model, you may have many ideas as to how you want to express yourself in the photo. However, it’s the photographer that sees how you really look like through their lenses. That’s why their inputs are very crucial. And it’s why models expect the photographers to give them direction as far as posing is concerned. It’s their experience that sets professional photographers apart from the amateurs.  

Posing Like a Model  

If you want to look good in a photograph then you should know of the basic modeling poses suggested below. They can help you greatly in your poses. Everybody can practically be a model if each one only knows of these posing techniques: 

  1. Copy the pose of professionals. 

You surely have tons of magazines at home and each page shows a confident model promoting a product. Copy the poses of these models because as professionals, they can’t go wrong, can they? Find a good pose from one of your favorite models on the magazine and copy it in front of the mirror so you can see how you look and adjust everything as necessary. Keep on trying until you do it right. 

  1. Don’t look directly at the camera. 

Looking directly at the camera only causes the red-eye effect. To reduce such effect, look at the direction of your nose instead. Your eyes will still be pointing where you want it but there will be more colors and contrasts in the photo instead of that nasty red-eye effect. 

  1. Mind your shoulders. 

You may not realize it, but the angle of your shoulders can drastically improve the way you look. A square shoulder looks better than a slumped shoulder. Always keep them bouncing. Make it a habit to pop up your shoulders and point it forward and see how that turns out.  

  1. Smile with your mouth open. 

An open mouth is way better than a closed mouth. If your mouth is closed, then your jawline clenches and that adds unnecessary weight to the sides of your face. It also makes you look bored or neutral. Try different poses with your mouth open and closed to see the difference.  

  1. Get moving.

Sometimes you want your entire body to be included in the shot but just standing up there looks too boring. You have to realize that you can do a lot of poses if you simply move. Put your feet up, jump, stretch your arms, and move your hips. The more movements you do the more nice poses you’ll think of.  

These are just a few things that you can do and if you need more help, consult with an expert in Sunrise model portraits. Working with professional photographers will definitely help you improve how you look in your photos.