We can see and notice a lot of our parents and grandparents would love to do gardening and have their own vegetable garden as well. They believe that having this could give them so much benefits not only to the food that they are going to eat but also the healthy kind of lifestyle that they can create by doing this. Some people in America would spend some time having their own empty lot be available for planting vegetables and for others they would even have a small Deray paving so that it would look more attractive and beautiful for them. This can be a good set of examples, that we can teach to our kids and future grandson and granddaughters. You can teach them while they are still young. In this way, they would understand the importance of taking care the environment, eating healthy foods and at the same time of how important is to eat fresh and newly picked vegetables from the garden. Here are the accumulated reasons for many people on why they choose to have their own small garden in their back yard.  


  1. Whether you would believe or not. Fresh and newly picked fruits and vegetables would be 100X better and taste good compared to those we buy in the supermarket or public market. It gives you the feeling of tasting the fresh sap of the vegetables and fruits. Even when you slice the vegetable and fruit. You would notice the difference when it comes to the shape, the size and the color inside of it.  
  2. The price would matter. Can you imagine yourself buying some vegetable in the supermarket and the public market. There would be a huge difference when it comes to the price of their fruits and food. But it would even cheaper and it’s for free if you have it in your garden or backyard only. It is normal that you need to buy seeds to grow them before you can have your own vegetables ready to be picked. You don’t have to hurry yourself going to a place just to buy the food you would need for cooking instead you would just go there to the back part of your house and pick the vegetable that you would need only.  
  3. Planting trees, flowers and vegetables is a good way of giving back a good quality of living and air of the environment. You are making your place and surrounding a good place to live.  
  4. Able to teach your kids at their young age. It would be very easy for you to show them the good sides of having it. You can spend time together planting more vegetables or letting them pick the vegetables in your garden.  
  5. Like for our elders. They would make this one as their past time and hobby. It gives them the time to reflect and get away from stresses of life at the same time it is a good way of exercising their body.